How can you order?

Choose from the webshop. If you have choosen upload your drawing. Put your chosen product into the cart. Here start the buying period. Than you can choose from payment and shipping possibilities. You can take your order in pickup point (in Print profi fastprinting shop, Vác, Káptalan u.6.) only if you make before bank transfer!

After we get your order we need at least 6-10 workday to prepare your product. It could be less, but in highlighted periods could be longer.

How can I scan?

If you have possibilities you can use desktop scanner, if not you can choose from many mobile applications. For example Cam Scanner, Office Lens Scanner.

Scan in high quality with 150-300 DPI resolution. Make sure that the edges of the sheets are scanned and that there are no hanging parts. The format can be PDF or JPEG. 

How long does preparation time?

It is according to the choosen gift, could be 6-10 workdays (eg: box’s preparation time is 8-10 workdays, mug is preparing during 4-5 days. Sometimes could be shorter. The drawings are editing, will take them on the chosen surfaces. After we are packing and shipping. In highlighted periods (mother’ day, easter, christmas, father’s day, children’s day etc.) the preparing time could be longer. Please take it into account and ask us about delivery time. Info: shop@manosmile.com or +36-30-916-2009 phone number during weekdays 9.00-15.00.

Can I pickup it personaly?

You van take it personaly, if you had made bank transfer before. Pickup point is: 2600 Vác, Káptalan u.6. címen, a PrintProfi fastprinting, opening hours (monday-friday 7.30-18.00, saturday 8.30-13.00).

Can I order from abroad?

Of course, you can order from abroad also. 

How can I get the products? What are the possibilities?

When you order you can choose the shipping possibilities:

Personaly Pickup, Vác, 2600 Káptalan u. 6. PrintProfi fastprinting, in opening hours (Mo-Fri 7.30-18.00, saturday 8.30-13.00). There is NO postage cost.

Home delivery by GLS on given adress, in Hungary  (1-2 workdays), bank transporing before 1760 HUF.

Home delivery by GLS futárral on given adress, in Hungary (1-2 workdays), cash on delivery (cod) 1450HUF

Postage by GLS to Slovakia (1-2 workdays) 3048 HUF

Postage by GLS to Slovenia, Austria, Checz, Romania, Croatia (2-3 workdays) 5500 HUF

Postage by GLS to Germany, Poland, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Bulgaria (3-4 workdays) 7370 HUF

Postage by GLS to Liechtenstein, Switzerland (3-4 workdays) 7370 Ft +10.000 Ft customs clearance per package.

Can I send back, if I don’t like?

If the product does not match, for some reason, unfortunately, there is no possibility of return, as these products are completely unique products, subject to the following legal conditions: 45/2014. (II. 26.) Government) may not exercise the right of withdrawal:

(c) in the case of a non-manufactured product which has been produced at the consumer's request or at his express request, or in the case of a product which is clearly customized to the consumer;

If the products are wrongly made not on the basis of the order, please do not hesitate to contact us at e-mail shop@manosmile.com.

Will the original drawing be on the product?

In order for the drawings to show nicely, editing is required, we definitely insist on the original color effect and shape, but it will not be full color. In two cases, we need to get better into the drawings, the boxes, especially the big box. Here the drawings can be cut. We try to do the most aesthetically. This can be avoided by sending a drawing (33cm * 10cm) corresponding to the size of the box. This is rarely the case. But we will ensure that if you can't send the right size, the product will be delightful!