Our Mission

Basic idea - How can we keep and save our child’s drawings?

I have experience in keeping and storing drawings because I have three children. They provide me with at least three drawings each week. They come home from school or kindergarten shouting “Mom, look what I made!” So my box is already full of papers by the end of the first month of school.

I spent a lot of time brainstorming how I can keep and save these nice works. Let’s put them on things we use so that the children will also see how important they are to me and I can adore them day by day!

This was the original thought. This is how I ended up puting dawings on T-shirts, mugs, key holders, kitchen spoons, storing boxes, jewelry boxes, pillows, etc..

I want to expand the product list from time to time and I promise to always bring something new! I hope you will enjoy all these products and will be proud to use them all or give the work of your small artists as a gift.