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valid from apryl of 2019

The Privacy Policy hereunder sets the data protection and data processing principles of Komárominé Dr. Kucsák Mónika (hereafter: Supplier) the operator of www.manosmile.com website.

This document will not be filed for registration, will be concluded electronically, will not be considered as a written author, does not refer to a code of conduct written in English. Available in the webshop, order and ongoing information on issues that arise.

The offer of this PP is available on the http://manosmile.com website for legal relations.

This PP can be purchased and downloaded at http://manosmile.com/PrivatePolicy.

User, if you enter or read the content of the mansomile.com web site operated by the Supplier, even if you are a non-registered user on manosmile.com, you acknowledge that you are bound by this policy. If the User does not accept the terms, he / she is not entitled to view the contents of the webshop.

The Supplier reserves all rights to the webshop website, any details thereof, and the content and content of the website. It is forbidden to download, store, process and sell content on the webshop or any part thereof without the written consent of the Supplier.

Applicable laws

Act LXIII of 1992 on the Protection of Personal Data and Publicity of Data of Public Interest; Act VI of 1998 on Protection of Individuals with Regard to Automatic Processing of Personal Data; Act C of 2003 on Electronic Communication; Government Decree No 226/2003 (XII.13) on the Special Conditions of Data Management by Electronic Communications Service Providers, the Data Security of Electronic Communications Service Providers and the Rules of Identifier Presentation and Call Diversion; Act CVIII of 2001 on Certain Issues of Electronic Commerce Activities.

The Data Controller

Komárominé Dr. Kucsák Mónika self-employed

Adress: Hungary 2600 Vác, Tavasz street 4.

Business registration number: 5352071

Registry court: Pest megyei Bíróság

Tax number: 69676602-1-33

Public tax number:

Bank Account Number: OTP bank 11763426-81739886-00000000

contact person: Komárominé Dr. Kucsák Mónika

Phone number: +36309162009

email adress: shop@manosmile.com


3.1. Products displayed can only be ordered online. The prices displayed for the products are in forints or euros, gross prices, but do not include home delivery charges. No separate packaging costs will be charged. The Supplier is tax-free.

3.2. In the webshop, the Supplier provides a detailed description of the product name, description, and a photo of the products. The images shown on the product data sheet may differ from the actual ones, and may serve as illustrations. We are not responsible for any differences in the appearance of the webshop and the actual appearance of the product.

3.3. If a promotional price is introduced, the Supplier will fully inform Users of the action and its exact duration.


4.1. After signing up, the user can start the purchase without registering or registering.

4.2. The user specifies the parameters of the product to be purchased and then the number of pieces. The page calculates the price of the product accordingly.

4.3. The user places the selected products in the basket by clicking on "Add to cart". You can view the contents of your cart at any time by clicking the "View my order" link.

4.4. If the User wants to add a product to the basket, you can do so by clicking on the "Continue shopping" link. If you do not want to buy more products, click on the 'View my order' link to check the number of items you want to buy. You can delete a particular article from your cart.

4.5. To continue shopping, click the "Submit Order" link.

4.6. On the 'Payment' page, the User can check the correctness of the data provided during registration. It is also possible to add a new address. If your billing information is correct, you can continue to the shipping information by clicking the "Next" button.

4.7. For shipping data, you can enter an existing address or a new address at the registration.

 4.8. Specify the next step acceptance mode.

4.8.1. Delivery by courier service: Delivery of orders to the house is performed by the GLS courier service. Delivery time is 1-2 working days after ordering in Hungary. Abroad (Slovenia, Austria, Czech Republic, Romania, Croatia) covers 2-3 working days, Germany, Poland, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Bulgaria 3-5 working days. In extreme weather, the delivery time may be different from the one in the offer. The Supplier shall not be liable for delivery delays. In the case of unpacked, returned packages, the return fee is charged to the customer, and can only be resumed once the prepayment of the parcel has been transferred in advance. In case of delivery, the customer is obliged to check the order after receiving the package.

Delivery can be scheduled on request, which can be indicated by User in the "Comment" field:

The cost of home delivery is 1960, - ​​Ft, in Hungary.

Home delivery fee on arrival: 1960 Ft, in Hungary.

Postage to Slovakia (1-2 business days) 3048 HUF

Postage abroad to Slovenia, Austria, Czech Republic, Romania, Croatia (2-3 business days) 5500 HUF

Postage abroad, Germany, Poland, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Bulgaria (3-4 business days)

Postage abroad Liechtenstein, Switzerland (3-4 business days) 7370 HUF +10.000 HUF customs clearance per package.

Foxpost terminal to foxpost terminal costs 900 Ft, home delivery fee on arrival: 1960 Ft, in Hungary.

4.9. Payment methods:

4.9.1. As a collect package, payment after receipt. By bank transfer (within 5 business days after ordering, you must make the payment, otherwise we cannot make the order) to the following bank account number: 11763426-81739886-00000000, indicating the customer's name and order number.

4.10. After the payment method, you can finalize your order by clicking the "Confirm Order" button.

4.11. If the webshop has a defect or defect in the products or prices, we reserve the right to the correction. In such a case, we will immediately inform the buyer of the new data after recognizing or modifying the error. The buyer can then confirm the order once more, or it is possible for any party to withdraw from the contract.

4.12. The final amount to be paid includes all manufacturing costs, based on the order summary and confirmation letter, when the printed material is delivered or the product that does not require print material is ordered. If your order requires graphic editing, then the cost of the order is added to the production cost in addition to the production cost. The bill includes the bill. The User is obliged to examine the package before delivery to the courier and in case of any damage to the products or packaging, to request the recording of the protocol, and in case of injury, not to take the package. Subsequent, non-protocol complaints will not be accepted by the Supplier! Packages are delivered on working days between 8am and 5pm.

4.13. Correcting Data Entry Errors: The user can always return to the previous phase before completing the ordering process, where he can correct the entered data.

4.14. After receiving the order, the user will receive an automatic confirmation email (Please also check your spam folder!). If this confirmation is not received by the User within a reasonable time, depending on the nature of the service, but not later than 48 hours after the order has been sent to the User, the User shall be exempt from the binding or contractual obligation. The order and its confirmation shall be deemed to have been received by the Company or the User when it becomes available to it. The Company excludes its liability for confirmation if the confirmation does not arrive on time because the User has given a wrong email address during the registration process or cannot receive a message due to the saturation of the storage space of your account.


5.1. Orders are processed between 8:00 and 17:00 on business days. It is also possible to place an order outside the time specified for processing the order, if it is done after the end of the working time, it will be processed the next day. Subsequent materials submitted after 16:00 are considered by the Supplier to be the next working day release. The Supplier is not responsible for the content of the material (write, spelling, graphic error) and quality. These types of errors are not a printing error.

5.2. The company cannot provide color matching for children's drawings. So we can't accept color advertising.

5.3. The Supplier edits the uploaded drawings, the size of some products may change, it may be cut up, please note before ordering. We will not be able to accept any subsequent complaint regarding this.

5.4. The Supplier specifies the general delivery deadlines in the product description, which apply to the delivery of the printed graphic material to the Enterprise. The Supplier and the User did not agree at the time of fulfillment, at the time or time specified by the User in the request of the User, no later than within thirty days from the date of receipt of the order, the Supplier shall fulfill the contract.

5.5. If the Supplier does not fulfill its contractual obligation because the product specified in the contract is not able to prepare it, it shall immediately inform the User and refund the amount paid by the User immediately, but no later than within thirty days. Performance of this Obligation Does not exempt the Contractor from other consequences of breach of contract.

5.6. The company does not take responsibility for any raw materials, obtaining or limiting descriptions. The company reserves the right to confirm the order to the customer in part or in full. Partly here after a full-use consultation!


6.1. 45/2014. (II. 26.) Government Decree), consumers may not exercise their right of withdrawal,

(c) in the case of a non-manufactured product which has been produced at the consumer's request or at his express request, or in the case of a product which has been clearly customized to the consumer;

6.2. In the event of a faulty performance, the company will re-manufacture the order with the original parameters.

6.3. The User shall only be liable for any depreciation in the Goods if it has been caused by a treatment other than that necessary to determine the nature, characteristics and functioning of the Goods.

6.4. The User must pay particular attention to the proper use of the Product, as the User shall be liable for the compensation for any damage resulting from its misuse.

6.5. 45/2014 on detailed rules for consumer and business contracts. (II.26.) Government Decree is available here.

6.7. Directive 2011/83 / EU of the European Parliament and of the Council is available here.

6.8. You may also contact the Company with any other complaint at the contact details provided in this Policy.


7.1. Our warranty liability in the Civil Code and in 19/2014. (IV.29.) NGM.

You can also read the warranty and warranty claim on the website of the National Consumer Protection Authority:


We offer 6 months warranty on our products. This warranty covers material defects arising from normal use, manufacturing defects.

If the product fails during the warranty period, please contact us and return the product and purchase invoice (or a copy thereof) to us.

The report will include a record of the name, address, product name, purchase price, date of purchase, description of the defect, claim to be validated, and how to resolve the error.

The product will be tested, repaired or replaced if possible, and the price of the product will be refunded. The cost of repair, replacement, and return will be borne by us if there is a reasonable warranty.

 The Suppliershall keep the record for three years from the date of its adoption and present it at the request of the inspection authority.

The Supplier should endeavor to repair or replace within thirteen days.

Statistical data

Our web site uses   Google Inc. („Google”) Google Analytics service. Google Analytics uses cookies (a small piece of data stored on your computer) to measure user interactions on the website.

The information about user interaction on the website (including your IP address) generated by cookies are sent to the servers of Google in the USA and stored there. Google analyses this information. The reports on user interactions on the website are sent to the website’s operator as well as to aid the accuracy of a statistical program. A profile can be built up of a user’s surfing habits connected with services provided on the internet. Google is allowed to transmit your data to a third party by law if the third party analyses them on behalf of Google.

Google cannot link your IP address with data in their possession under any circumstances. You can refuse to accept cookies by setting your browser. However please note that if you block cookies, you may not be able to use certain features on the website. Using the present website you accept the analysing of your data by Google according to the principal and method described above.

The legal basis of data management

The User voluntarily contributes the data management whose legal basis is the Act CXII. (Info act) 5.§ (1) par. a) point of 2011 Informational and Self-determination and Freedom of Information  law.

9.1. Definition of data management

The Users being informed, voluntarily and definitely contribute the data management.  The Users give the contribution by using the Website, registration, and subscribing to a newsletter, by contacting via the contact form.

The management of personal data given during the purchase starts with the purchase and ends with the unsubscribing of the User. In the case of voluntary data, the data management starts with the giving of the pending data to the deleting of the data. If you want your registration deleted or you want to unsubscribe the newsletter, write to us at shop@manosmile.com, and in 5 business day we will delete your data according to you request.

We do not give out personal data to a third party.  That requirement shall not apply to mandatory transmission of data, by law, only in exceptional cases. In the case of a request of data by competent authorities we examine the ground of appeal for data transmission in each case.

Transmission of data could be carried out to several subcontractors so that they can complete the order i.e. to a parcel delivery service, to an accountant, to an IT specialist and maintainer. They are allowed to use the given data only so that they can complete the order, and they must not give it out to a third party.

Enforcment possibilities

You can enforce your rights in a law court on the basis of the Act CXII. of 2011 law on information freedom and on the basis of the Civil Code (Act V. of 2013). Furthermore you can ask for help from the chairman of the Hungarian National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information (1125 Budapest, Szilágyi Erzsébet  fasor 22/C. Mailing address: 1534 Budapest, Pf.: 834).